Monday, November 06, 2006

Tuscon is left full of the Blues

Well we all know I am partial to my blues raw, and energetic, and for lack of a better word PRIMAL. It also needs to be FUNKY.

We all know...

the funk is gonna do what the funk is gonna do

And I need performance and connection.

I think that is why I love the Scott Holt Band so much. They drive themselves so far for the show, that it is just gorgeous and powerful. Scott on a stage with a guitar is a real form of perfection, and energy. It is amazing. The training, the preparation, Scott and the guys are like a finely trained boxer, just needing the stage, and they can do the magic.

Well that is what Tuscon got.

The guys and myself had spent the afternoon relaxing at that great hotel, and by the time it was time to go all we needed was a little Starbucks Red Eye juice, and kapow nothing was going to hold us back.

We arrived at a part in Tuscon, and they had a gorgeous bandshell. It was just amazing. About 5000 people were there for the local cats before us, and those guys were good. It was like a 100 guys on that stage, and they kept it together. So while we were loading in Scott and I hung out in the green room, and tuned guitars. He and I had not seen each other in a few weeks, so it was great just to catch up.

I am often unsure of my spot during shows, but it was cool because Scott said, "Your going to be on stage today right?" So my confidence was boosted. For whatever reason, I like making sure my friends the performers are safe and get what they need for a good show. Years of travel with the other guy sort of made that spot comfortable for me. So I was thrilled.

So the band came to the stage, got introduced and dropped the first note, and WOW the monitors were not on, or not close...because they all started looking around like someone had kicked there dog. I could hear it too, as could the monitor guy, so we got it straightened out right away. Way to go Monitor Guy in Tuscon. Nothing like 30 seconds of panic on the first gig.

I thought it would all be okay...but I was wrong.

In the middle of the first song I took my eyes off Tom for a bit, as I thought he was okay. How wrong I was. You know how I know I was wrong...that drum stick sticking out my butt. He managed to hit me mid song, right in the butt. Its not that it is a small butt, but he did not miss a beat. Turns out he could not hear Richard in the monitors. So we fixed that.

Seeing Scott and the guys on a big stage is the best way. I may be partial to the full night of Scott...but when they do the festival set...all diamonds played at 100% intensity you have no choice but to go WOW.

The shows highlights were "I will make love to you anytime". That song has clearly come on in ways that I never thought were possible.

Also the crowd moved the the front of the stage, like a good festival crowd. Unlike the band that followed us, where the crowd just sat back and watched. The Scott Holt show was participatory. Scott was giving to them, and they were giving back.

Amazingly there were two youg girls, like ten, who were rigth on the barrier dancing more than anyone else. Scott jumped off the stage, and got in the crowd with everyone, and they loved it.

And if your keeping score, Scott played 4 guitars out of tune in a 75 minute set.

The finale of Polk Salad Annie, that made my hands shake.

This is a great band.

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