Friday, November 10, 2006

San Diego, Night One

So there we are. In El Cajon. Four guys. One gig. The south California weather. Being from Wisconsin I was freaking out, my body confused, and it was a bad smell coming from our luggage. Too many days without laundry I suppose.

Either way when that Motel 6 had laundry, we knew where our days were going to be .

The club was called Patricks II. Right downtown. Right next to the Hard Rock, a really cool hole in the wall in one of those oceanside towns. A real locals only thing.

The owner Mario, cool name, was a great guy. He had installed his own PA, so that was nice. And then the band loaded in, and we found the stage to be shall we say a tight fit. Not like Hueys or anything, but a tight fit none the less.

The big Irishman behind the bar told us the lay of the land, and then it was off and running. The hardest part of the San Diego gig, parking. I think Richard and Tom parked the van in Ohio to be honest.

The club has a great open window serving area...onto the street. So we got our fair of lets just say differantly homed (or homeless) dancers. Lots of walk up people, and just generally a good show to start California off.

I could tell from where I was Scott was having a hard time on stage, being as confined as he was. There was a giant post there, and it was affecting his movement. But ultimately they overcame that and gave it 150% and showed the people of Patricks II what a great time could be had.

We met some cats from a Research Vessell. And while I do not claim to know what they do, they seemed like great guys.

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