Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Historic Oskar Blues

So, Oskar blues was a gig that the guys had been talking about for a long time. The whole trip, it seemed like people were excited about getting to Lyons, CO.

I gotta run...were in Nebraska, gotta go wake the guys up.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Laramie hits back

First off, there is nothing like being introduced to the crowd by the singer as the guy who is can kick all your asses. Thanks for that one Scott.

Second of all, Laramie has a crappy emergency room. I had an eye event, and needed some specifics, and the guy made me wait 60 minutes before my initial exam, and then tell me they do not have an eye doctor at the hospital. I just finally told him to call my doc at home, which he did. Putz.

After the hospital, I learned there are no I had to walk an hour to the gig. Missing the first set.

But they made up for it. Laramie had a mosh pit. Gorgeous girls (I am the single man on the road), and 300 really really really drunk college kids. They head butt each other for fun. And like a lot of country music.

But this was the perfect place for Scott on this trip. I had always wanted to know what they would do, and they do perfectly. They pull out the stops, even knock into a little Sex Pistols.

Laramie might be my favorite Scott Holt set ever.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Confusion Reigns in San Fran

the morning at Las Palmas was cool. Just sort of a hint of what I am sure is lingering for us in Wyoming and Colorado. It was back in the van, no nothing...just the and bendy two lanes. This was as tense as we have gotten on this tour, and it really came down to coffee.

But now I own Butch Walker, thanks to the suggestion of Wendy from Sunspot. God what great writing in the morning on an ipod can do for a non coffee guy like me. A teenage bullet belt...what a great line.

Scott picked up Merle Haggard and George Jones record together. I cannot wait to get into that one.

Eyes closed, headphones on, Biscuits and Blues beckons.

It is something to play in a historic big city club. Band B has two rooms. An upstairs and a downstairs. So club 1 is on the second flood, and club 2 is in the basement.

After much confusion, we find out that we are on the top floor, and playing from noon to 730 pm. This is good, because tomorrow is a travel day, so maybe we can hit the road earlier.

The club room is surrounded by glass, and windows that the bartender opens saying, people will come when they hear the music. I run down to the liquor store and buy some of the "Smoking Loon" wine that has become part of the ritual Eddie Van Halen wine...oh Eddie...where are you going?

The Great Sierras

So, it is off to the northern part of California...Plumas Pines Resort. The thing that struck me is the drive, we drove through mountains. Real mountains. I come from Wisconsin, a flat state. This is not flat. I would look out the window, and actually be scared. One moment the drop off was on the right side, then one bend later it was off the other side. It was amazing. I assume that is old growth forest, all 100 foot trees all around me.

When we finallly arrive at Plumas Pines Resort, we are shocked. How does Doug find these joints? Way to go Doug and the cats at Road Dawg.

Plumas Pines is a resort on a lake in Nor Cal. Cabins, places to park RVs, a big marina, small hotel area. Real woods. Northern Exposure time.

We load in, and eat a great meal...a giant meal. Not mexican food. Then it is off to rest.

I spent a good chunk of time walking around by the lake, it felt like Minocqua to me. I actually shot a video that I hope to upload when I get home.

The show was amazing. Local only, resort staff...all rocking out hard. The band giving them everything they have...even 38 special.

Tomorrow we go to San Fran...hope to find time for Ameoba Records, and hope we can park the rig.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sacramento Rocks

Wow. When you take a performer like Scott Holt, and add him to the rock club full of amazing music fans...and you have some amazingly powerful stuff. The fans in Sacramento are serious music and blues people. It was so much fun.

Here is another thing I have found, the men in California they like to dance. They just walk out on the dance floor and dance. It was awesome.

The Torch Club in Sacto is one of those historic rooms, you can feel it when you look around. The put together two of my favorite things..boxing and music. Photos of Carmen Basillio aside EC Scott, and you simply cannot go wrong.

The crowd was right up to the stage, and they fed Scott and the guys and the guys put out an A+ show. A top notch experience was had by all. Watching three friends play music for people is amazing.

Also we got to meet the owner, who came down after the Tom Petty show. She said she needed the rock, and the boys really delivered it.

Now were off to...I honestly do not know.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Ridgecrest, CA

Tonight was Ridgecrest. A great high desert town with a naval base of some sort, and a texas diner.

The sets were amazing. The people there were enthusiastic, as they were aware that they were seeing something special in the Scott Holt band.

The guys really lit into some cool country numbers, and turned them into there own.

But the highlight was When Doves Cry.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

San Diego 2 (It only takes One)

San Diego tonight was so cool it hurt. We returned to Patricks II with a real sense of kncking the paint off of the walls, and god did we hit everything.

The nice part was meeting Joannie from San Diego.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dropping Bombs in Tuscon

So tonight, I am sitting in my hotel in Tuscon. Getting here was a strange adventure in compression, but it reminded me why I truly love airports, traveling. But I will get into that all later.

But lets get into the show. Tuscon is a great city, clear Mexico influence...amazing colors, amazing good times.