Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sacramento Rocks

Wow. When you take a performer like Scott Holt, and add him to the rock club full of amazing music fans...and you have some amazingly powerful stuff. The fans in Sacramento are serious music and blues people. It was so much fun.

Here is another thing I have found, the men in California they like to dance. They just walk out on the dance floor and dance. It was awesome.

The Torch Club in Sacto is one of those historic rooms, you can feel it when you look around. The put together two of my favorite things..boxing and music. Photos of Carmen Basillio aside EC Scott, and you simply cannot go wrong.

The crowd was right up to the stage, and they fed Scott and the guys and the guys put out an A+ show. A top notch experience was had by all. Watching three friends play music for people is amazing.

Also we got to meet the owner, who came down after the Tom Petty show. She said she needed the rock, and the boys really delivered it.

Now were off to...I honestly do not know.

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