Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hail to the King...

So Forty years ago, the King of Rock & Roll passed away. I’ve written about the importance of Elvis in my life for a looooooong time. So this year, the 40th year, I thought I’d write about someone else from Elvis’ orbit that I had that chance to meet. In Memphis there’s a clothing store named Lansky’s. Lansky's was devoted to clothing the hip of Memphis. I being a disciple of Elvis knew of Lansky’s and on my first tour with Buddy Guy, in Memphis, headed to Lansky’s (in the Peabody Hotel) to get some Elvis vibe. I was met by Bernard Lansky, the man who dressed the king. 
 He came up to me immediately and picked out a shirt for me, a purple, velvet shirt. He draped it on me and popped the collar and said “That’s the way Elvis would’ve worn it…” I called Buffy just to tell her how much I spent on that shirt (a Lot!!!) and went back every time to speak with Mr. Lansky just to enjoy his rap and get his Elvis vibe. Mr. Lansky has passed and I still go back every time to embrace the feeling of Elvis, I miss the King as much today as I did in 1977, I’m grateful that that was my first concert. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Race, Religion, Trump, Making America....Naw I'm just playing':)

 Well today is my birthday. Another jaunt around the sun. I’m getting to the point where I should have it ALL worked out and just coast but you and I both know that ain’t quite how it works! “Mistakes? I’ve made a few…” that’s Sinatra (and Elvis and Sid Vicious, all of who’s versions of My Way will be played at my funeral: spoiler alert). Not to, in any way, minimize our life but I’m starting to look at it as a kind of “circling of the drain” type of existence. Not in a negative way but in a metaphorical way. You’re born and you start circling. It’s coming. But, what is the “drain”? I think it’s Love. I think it’s an awareness of Love. I think the closer we get (and I’m hoping I’m still far away!) I think we start to shed the stuff, realize what’s important, what (and who) has value in our lives and hopefully move towards an awareness of peace and love. 
 I'm grateful tonight for the wife, daughter and family that I have, the friends and co-workers that have fulfilled my life. A post like this is like a GRAMMY speech and if I start naming names, I’ll miss someone and they’ll be like; “What about me?!?!” (or they might not even read it cause maybe they’re more important to me than I am to them!;)) That happens too, by the way. You might be a life raft and they might just be a heavy, wet, drowning body…or vice-versus. The point is, this is my ride, you’ve got yours and they’re all EQUALLY important.

 My faith is Christianity and through that faith I’m taught that we are all made by our creator in His image. I use the masculine in this case but I read it to say WE are ALL made in HIS image which means all of us. So men, ladies, kids, black, white, red, yellow, cream, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, etc. that means YOU. The center of my “drain” is Love. As I get closer to it, I’m reminded to accept it more, express it more, embrace it more, spread it more and hopefully embody it more. Today, I’ve been shown a supreme expression of love directed toward me. Both from my family and my friends and I’m humbled. I’ve had so many birthday greetings and well wishes that I literally can’t count them all. That’s a wonderful problem to have! So as I wind down my night, I say “Thank You” and my birthday wish is for me (and for all of us) to learn more love, learn to express it more and be a flashlight that extinguishes that “darkness of hate” from our world. I pray that you experience the same amount of love (or more!) than I’ve been shown today and that we share another trip around the sun in peace and love and harmony. #love

Monday, June 19, 2017

We Plan, God Laughs

 Recently I had the chance to speak to some Middle-School students in a summer guitar program. I’ve done a few things like that and I’m always very nervous. I don’t know why kids scare me more than a room full of (possibly) inebriated adults! They just do.
 Anyway, the one question that I was asked that stuck with me was “Has your career turned out the way you thought it would?” My answer was a quick “NO!” (not “Hell No!” because this was a bunch of kids) It was only after spending some time thinking about it that I would add “Thank God” to that. 
 I haven’t revolutionized music, cured cancer, sold a million copies of my record or played in front of 100,000,000 people at once. I don't have my own bobblehead doll or a reality show about my dog. I don’t have stacks of free guitars and amps and the old bank account looks like it usually does. All that being said, as I’m probably at the halfway point in my life (I hope!) I’ve had a hell of a time! It’s been way better than what I planned and everyday is a new wrinkle that has me saying “Huh! Didn’t see that coming!”
 I have met and made some of the most precious friendships through music, I’ve seen the world, I’ve had experiences that I never imagined. I’ve been blessed to be a son, friend, uncle, nephew, father and a husband. My family (both blood and chosen) is amazing and a true source of peace and contentment and confidence for me. I’ve ridden an elephant, tasted kangaroo, had a king cobra dropped in my lap, survived a few car wrecks, spent the night in a castle, survived the loss of people that I thought I’d never be able to live without, met my heroes, had the chance to live long enough to learn to say “I love you” to people without feeling silly or uncomfortable, had some amazing meals, read some incredible books, heard some fantastic music, seen some beautiful films and admired some incredible works of art. 
 All the while, I’ve been guilty of being focused on trying to bend life to my plan. Spoiler Alert: It don’t work. The harder I’ve tried to go one way, the father I’ve gone in another direction. Looking at it from this point though, I have to say I wouldn’t trade the experiences, the people, hell just the life I’ve had. I wish some of the mistakes I’ve made hadn’t happened, I wish I could’ve held on to some people a little longer but as I said before, in general I’ve had a hell of a time. 

 I’m not done yet (as far as I know!) I’m writing and recording new music, planning tours, working with my band as well as other artists, I’m even getting ready to try and write a screen-play! I guess the point of this “musing” is to say if you’re out there and you feel like life hasn’t been what you thought it should be, take a look at what’s in your life that has real value; the people, the loves, the laughs, the tears, the pain and the joy. That doesn’t mean you have to quit kicking, it just means allow yourself to enjoy what you have. At least that’s what I think.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hey man, where ya been?!?

I realized today that I haven't blogged or posted anything since the death of Prince last year! It did take the wind out the sails but the truth is I've been so incredibly blessed to be so busy that I just haven't had a chance! Plus too much CNN watching has made me afraid to post anything!!
 Seriously, I'm proud that the record I made with my Foghat brothers is still getting a lot of airplay, that's me playing guitar and singing Upside Of Lonely. I've been playing some shows with Hurricane Ruth and that's been a blast to just lay back and play guitar and listen to a great vocalist and performer. I've been doing my own gigs, of course, that won't ever stop. I recently began a relationship with G&L Guitars as an endorsee and I'm proud to be playing my G&L ASAT! I'm finishing up a new EP that'll be out soon, I'll post more details when it's closer to coming out. We're also planning on finishing the Earl & The Agitators  CD soon. I'm gonna get back to writing more so stay tuned! #loudisgood

Thursday, April 21, 2016

 I’m listening to Prince right now. My whole family is listening to Prince right now, real loud. I’m devastated. I’ve used that sentence a lot today. It sucks. That’s the other one I’ve used. Today we lost another Icon. A musical genius. Absolutely not terms that I throw out without serious consideration. I know I won’t get much argument. As geniuses go, he was a pretty obvious one. He could play. He could play guitar, piano, drums, bass, sing, dance, act…what else do you need to be entertained? He could write. Music? Check. Screen plays? Check. He famously told his record label when they signed him in 1979, “don’t make me an R&B artist” because he wasn’t. He transcended. He elevated. He inspired. He was held to no genre, he was held to no rules, he was held to no convention. That’s the main reason he became one of my primary inspirations; he loved and embraced music as the wild, willowy, all over the place, woman that she is. He was not an artist that just stayed at the “prime rib station” of the musical buffet. He hit the whole thing…enchiladas to egg rolls baby!
 I discovered Prince (like Columbus “discovered” America) at 1999. That was my first exposure. I was transported. I was dumbfounded. I was hooked and I wasn’t even a musician yet. Hadn’t even picked up a guitar yet, but somehow I knew that this was important, different, transcendent. I sat in the floor of my bedroom and listened to the 1999 album over and over. I studied the liner notes, the lyrics, the images. I listened. I researched. He had other albums! I quickly bought Controversy, Dirty Mind, Prince and For You. He never missed with me. I could (and still can) listen to (and sing) every album, all the way through and never get bored or skip a track. Soft And Wet, Bambi, When You Were Mine, Sexuality, Little Red Corvette, Let’s Go Crazy, Sign O’The Times…they're all in my DNA. I’ve absorbed them. I’ll sing ‘em to ya if you want.
 As my daughter has gotten older, I’ve yet to really expose her to Prince because a lot of the early stuff can lean “adult”. She listens to lyrics and asks questions. “I knew a girl named Nikki…” Head, Sister, Erotic City… These are songs I’ll probably never be ready to discuss with her. I want her to know how important he and his music were to me. I credit (rightfully so) Jimi Hendrix with my desire to learn to play the guitar but Prince was there in the here and now, saying to me, through the speakers and the movie screen; “whatever you dare, you can bring about. Just be you.”
 Prince sang; “Am I black or white, am I straight or gay…” He had bands with men, women, black, white. He played music and showed through his actions that music was ours, not just a segment of us but all of ours. He sang a song about oral sex and wrote one of my favorite songs about God, called oddly enough, God. One foot in the sacred and one in the profane. Pretty much how we all live but he owned up to it. He pushed buttons. All of them. YouTube his GRAMMY performance of Gett Off to see some button pushing. While you’re at it, YouTube his performance at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame concert soloing on While My Guitar Gently Weeps. He was one of a kind, an original, a genius, an Icon. 
 I met Prince once. I have a friend who was once a radio programmer, he had passes to a Prince concert and a meet and greet before the show. Turns out it was a round-table discussion of radio programmers and DJ’s to ask how artists could get music played without a major label. The circle included every programmer and DJ in the greater Cleveland area, as well as George Clinton and Najee. As we went around the circle introducing ourselves and stating our job title, I , having no job title or reason for even being in the circle, had that “cotton-mouth, sick-to-my-stomach” feeling. When it came to me, I said “my name is Scott…” Prince laughed “he, he”. I saw him one night at Paisley Park, DJ’ing and watched him leave in a purple Dodge Prowler with his soon to be second wife. I saw him perform in Atlanta, Knoxville, Cleveland and Nashville. I watched Purple Rain twice the day it hit theaters. I bought the VHS the day it as released and wore it out. I’ve owned multiple copies of every video, CD and bootleg (sorry Prince) that ever existed. I was NEVER disappointed or let down. He delivered every time. I have friends and co-workers who have interacted with him intimately and some have less than favorable stories and opinions of him but even though I would laugh at their stories, for me, he remained above the fray. 
 My favorite memory is Buff and I going to see Prince in Knoxville, TN. We had 2nd row seats that quickly became “stage-edge seats” when everybody rushed the stage. We spent that night, literally on the edge of the stage, 5 feet away from a master. He looked at Buffy while he sang and when he danced in front of us and she was thrilled and never forgot it. She told our daughter about it tonight while we discussed his importance. (Yes, I was cool with him singing to my girl from the stage, but I would have kicked his ass if he tried to hit on her:)) I remember the band stopping at one point and Prince was dancing in front of us and I could hear his heels clicking off the stage. I’ll never forget that. I’ll never forget him and what he did for music, for society and for me. When I’m tempted to play it safe, I listen to Prince and go the other way! 

 Thank you Prince Rogers Nelson for giving your gift to the world.  RIP

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Get On Up!...

#adversity Adversity is everywhere. It’s relative. It's subjective. One person’s where will I sleep tonight is another person’s who will I sleep WITH tonight? I’ve lived enough dog years and summers to learn that it’s not what you do during the good times but who you are during the rough times that defines you. We have all faced adversity in some form or another and we’ve all dealt with it in our own way. The good news is; no reaction is “wrong”, it's just “yours”. You are the ONLY one that was in those shoes at that precise moment, so no one can truly judge your response or actions. (Although they will, I PROMISE you!!) 
The cool thing is, as humans, we tend to, naturally “get up”, no matter what the challenge, no matter what the hurdle. We get knocked down, we get up, simple! Watch the news (not too much though); the rape victim testifies against her assailant, the tornado victim vows to rebuild, cancer victims fight…the point is, we are hard wired not to give up, to fight. We admire and respect it in others. No news story is ever shown where the shop owner, after 30 years, is fire bombed and vows to…move to another town and change careers. We Fight! ("WE Rebuild!!) 
Now, don’t politicize my little rant, I’m not referring to world politics, just personal stuff. Because, to me,  it's all personal. It's all little stuff. Close to the ground. Don't forget the world is pretty much mostly humans. Red blooded,oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus, humans. We also have a little potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine and magnesium...humans...and humans fight back! We (meaning all humans) fight. We fight for ourselves, for our own self preservation, for our families, for our loved ones but we also fight for the less fortunate, the down-trodden, the weak, the embattled…we fight for those that we feel can’t fight for themselves. 
I love that about human beings, they don’t quit, they keep coming. They're the heroes in every cowboy movie you ever watched. Most humans don’t like crooks, bullies, racists, bigots, misogynists, the New England Patriots (JOKE!!) Seriously, most humans, that I’ve observed from near and far, are for justice and fair play. At least, fair play from their perspective. I think it’s because on some level, we’re all looking at their situation and picturing ourselves “getting up” from that. We’re rooting for them. “Don’t quit!” Remember the movie Rocky? The first one? Rocky lost! But we love Rocky because he didn’t quit, so he WON! You get knocked down, get up, get knocked down again, get up. Adversity…Walt Disney, supposedly (I say "supposedly" because all info comes from the internet now and you have to be VERY careful!!) said, “You may not realize it, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” Abraham Lincoln said "I don't care what y'all say, I ain't giving up on freeing me some slaves! Now, who wants to wrassle? " (actually, Lincoln didn't say that as far as I know but thanks to the internet, someone will probably  share that quote as a meme with a picture of Lincoln and I will be THRILLED!!) 
I’m just like you, I’ve had my share of Adversity. You and I could sit together and share stories and “one-up” each other on what we’ve been through, but at the end of it, you’ve gone through your stuff, I’ve gone through mine, it ain’t the same (although it might be), we both have the scars to show for it, and, if we’re sitting together talking about it, it means that we’ve made it through that. Pretty cool huh? “Oh you think that scar’s bad, look at this one…” Get up. I was going to write a blog about what me and the band went through this weekend with car trouble and stuff but some kid lost her fight with cancer, some family died in a bombing in Syria, a man lost his wife in a car accident, there's some really hungry folks, some people that will be sleeping outside in the cold tonight, somebody's telling their family something that's gonna change everything in all of their worlds…there’s real problems in the world that God has seen fit to protect me from! Adversity. Get Up.

Monday, October 19, 2015


I love my job. I really do. LOVE IT! I believe in God (I'm a Christian) and I believe that being a musician is what He put me here to do; to be loud, cause a fuss, make music and to entertain. Somehow, the cosmic forces of life always seem to counteract the blessings we receive. (Oh Lord don't they love to "monkey up the works"! Maybe just to give us balance. Yin & Yang.) I titled this post “Sacrifice” (not because it’s an Elton John song, although I love me some Elton John songs don’t I?) Tonight, after a harsh three days, I’m thinking of the sacrifice. Not my sacrifice; being on the road, away from my family, no sleep, bad food, miles of driving, car trouble, logistics, $$$!!! but more importantly the sacrifice of others. 
We broke down on the way to our first gig of the weekend in Washington, MO at Driftwood Distillery. The owners couldn’t have been kinder. They came out to pick us up and get us to the gig (Thank you Elijah and Joe), they loaned us a car to get to a hotel for the night after the gig, they fed the band the next day, they offered to let us hang out at their venue as long as we needed. They sacrificed so that we could do what we do. 
The next day we spent the morning at Reichers Tire & Auto, hoping against hope that they could fix the Beast with some simple mechanic magic but it was not to be. They were awesomely kind and considerate and we appreciated their efforts to get us on the road.
Out of the blue, with no real plan in place, I received a call from a man named Dale who had heard of our distress and offered to drive us (towing our trailer) to the next gig in Jackson, MO. Dale was just getting off work when he called us and came and got us and drove us 2 1/2 hours to Jackson in time for our next gig, asking for nothing but gas money. (By the way, at one point the trailer popped of the hitch and ran under the truck and we had to stop and fix it, I really started wondering if we were cursed!!) 
So we’re in Jackson, make the gig, which was a guest appearance with Eddie Turner & The Trouble Twins, and no idea how to get to Nashville! Our friend Phil Penzel offers us his REALLY nice truck to drive home in. (Phil we may need to keep this truck, it’s REAL nice!!;)
We were supposed to have a gig in Memphis but confusion and miscommunication caused us to miss it. Our friend and ally in the Blues Mr. Jay Sheffield canceled a band so that we could play but thanks to technology I found out after I’d been back home in Nashville for a couple of hours. (Thank you so much Jay for always being honorable!)
So, Sacrifice:
The Driftwood Distillery sacrificed by rescuing us from the side of the interstate, ferrying us all over town, loaning us a vehicle, giving us food, offering us shelter.
Reichers Tire & Auto worked on the Beast all morning and when they couldn’t fix it, they charged us nothing and allowed us to leave it in their parking lot until we could arrange to bring it home.
Dale drove us 2 1/2 hours to Jackson for nothing but his own kindness.
Phil loaned his REALLY nice truck…seriously, this thing is awesome!
My band…musicians are a special breed. I’m blessed to have met and known so many and they are all incredible. Ray Gonzales, Sam Persons and Braden Cameron stuck with me, never complained, didn’t gripe, pitched in and supported every decision I made to get us through this weekend. 
My brother Keith Throneberry and my cousin Mark Holt are sacrificers after the fact. They are helping me clean up the mess that was this weekend!
If I write a post about “Sacrifice” My intention was to thank and give a shout out to all the folks that helped us get through but I read the word “Sacrifice” and it keeps reminding me of the person in my life who is and has been continually making the sacrifice; my wife Buffy Holt.
A musician’s life is a hard, stressful existence (no kids, it's not all sex and velvet...wait yes it is...but it's still hard wait, that doesn't read well...I mean it's difficult...seriously, it's hard to be married to a musician). It’s feast or famine, all the time. It’s being successful if you’re away from home and being broke when you are home. It’s that double-edged sword; work is good but work makes you absent which is bad. My wife has been a soldier for the cause for almost 25 years now, actually she’s been with me since we started this so throw in the Buddy Guy years and we’re closer to 30! She is an amazing wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, confidant and coconspirator! If you look up “Sacrifice” in the dictionary, it should have a photo of Buffy (which, oddly enough my dictionary does! Of course they're naked photos and I love research!! I'M JOKING!! She's gonna kill me! No my dictionary is not filled with naked photos of my wife...but if it was I wouldn't be I'm kidding they're in my thesaurus...BAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! I'm so dead and this heartfelt missive is in jeopardy of being dismissed because of my frivolity. See, Buffy is the supreme sacrificer!!) . Thank you my beautiful, wonderful, amazing, Buff for sacrificing for me. 
Thank you to all the people that sacrificed for us this weekend, thank you to all the ones that sacrifice on our behalf constantly, and while I’m at it, thank you to all the service men and women that sacrifice on our behalf everyday so that you and I have the freedom to gripe and moan about how hard our day was. (That last sentence was, of course, for our American friends. Our friends around the world can ignore it, strike it or, better yet, apply it to whatever your situation is in your country. I pray for God to bless you all.)
This post is meant to be an addendum to the last post. 
When you think about the sacrifice that others are making on your behalf, you also have to realize that these are blessings. I drove home tonight thanking God for his blessings.
Sure, I could have focused on the negative and griped about the breakdown, the transportation, the loss of gigs, etc, “Why God Why?!?!” BUT I choose to focus on the blessings; 
Yes we broke down BUT thank God it was close to the gig and the owners could come and get us. 
Yes we lost our ride BUT thank God that someone heard about our trouble and offered to help.
Yes we lost a gig in the shuffle BUT thank God that it was the last gig of the run, 2 hours from home and booked by a friend who will continue to support us.
Thank God that I was surrounded by positive people this weekend who lifted me up and allowed me to get us home.
Thank God that I have a partner to come home to that supports me, encourages me and loves me. 
In short and in closing; THANK GOD