Friday, January 12, 2007

Leaving for Ridgecrest, CA

Its just one of those things that come with the road. We gotta leave the gorgeous town of San Diego and beaches and all of it, and we are off to Ridgecrest, CA. The great thing we are all working well together. We are all really rested and feel good about this, so were off. Even if we cannot focus a camera to save our lives.

One significant thing about the above photo, look at Tom's sunglasses. The rumor is that Tom burns through sunglasses like I burn through headphones for my iPod. We got those as a 2 for 1, so there is a back up...but lets see how long they make it.

So its the van, about three hours, and the desert here in California. Totally bypassing my former hometown of LA. But that is a good thing...

See you in a few hours in Ridgecrest.