Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It Looked A lot Like Christmas...

 So the whirlwind that is the Christmas Holidays draws to a close tonight. As we sit here amid the discarded wrapping paper, left-overs and the dreaded “food hangover”, it’s hard to imagine that 48 hours ago we were cooking, wrapping, cramming stuff into the car, blowing into relatives homes amidst a cloud of casserole dishes and brightly wrapped gifts. 
 It seems like it’s only in this moment that you begin to reflect on the loved ones you’ve spent time with, the look on the children’s faces as they opened “just what I wanted!” and the knowledge that this Christmas, 2013, is over, never to come again. Next year will roll around and we’ll start the whole thing over, if we’re lucky. We’ll worry over gifts, gatherings, relationships, etc. Just like this year but it’ll be different; some we were with this year might not be here next year, the kids in your life may move on from Santa, who knows what it’s gonna bring! We may look back on this year as the best one and we didn’t realize it until later. 

 However you spent your holiday, take a moment and be thankful that you had it. Even if you don’t realize it, someone was blessed by your presence and is thankful tonight that you were there. Merry Christmas.