Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Great Sierras

So, it is off to the northern part of California...Plumas Pines Resort. The thing that struck me is the drive, we drove through mountains. Real mountains. I come from Wisconsin, a flat state. This is not flat. I would look out the window, and actually be scared. One moment the drop off was on the right side, then one bend later it was off the other side. It was amazing. I assume that is old growth forest, all 100 foot trees all around me.

When we finallly arrive at Plumas Pines Resort, we are shocked. How does Doug find these joints? Way to go Doug and the cats at Road Dawg.

Plumas Pines is a resort on a lake in Nor Cal. Cabins, places to park RVs, a big marina, small hotel area. Real woods. Northern Exposure time.

We load in, and eat a great meal...a giant meal. Not mexican food. Then it is off to rest.

I spent a good chunk of time walking around by the lake, it felt like Minocqua to me. I actually shot a video that I hope to upload when I get home.

The show was amazing. Local only, resort staff...all rocking out hard. The band giving them everything they have...even 38 special.

Tomorrow we go to San Fran...hope to find time for Ameoba Records, and hope we can park the rig.

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