Thursday, October 26, 2006

Confusion Reigns in San Fran

the morning at Las Palmas was cool. Just sort of a hint of what I am sure is lingering for us in Wyoming and Colorado. It was back in the van, no nothing...just the and bendy two lanes. This was as tense as we have gotten on this tour, and it really came down to coffee.

But now I own Butch Walker, thanks to the suggestion of Wendy from Sunspot. God what great writing in the morning on an ipod can do for a non coffee guy like me. A teenage bullet belt...what a great line.

Scott picked up Merle Haggard and George Jones record together. I cannot wait to get into that one.

Eyes closed, headphones on, Biscuits and Blues beckons.

It is something to play in a historic big city club. Band B has two rooms. An upstairs and a downstairs. So club 1 is on the second flood, and club 2 is in the basement.

After much confusion, we find out that we are on the top floor, and playing from noon to 730 pm. This is good, because tomorrow is a travel day, so maybe we can hit the road earlier.

The club room is surrounded by glass, and windows that the bartender opens saying, people will come when they hear the music. I run down to the liquor store and buy some of the "Smoking Loon" wine that has become part of the ritual Eddie Van Halen wine...oh Eddie...where are you going?

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