Friday, October 27, 2006

Laramie hits back

First off, there is nothing like being introduced to the crowd by the singer as the guy who is can kick all your asses. Thanks for that one Scott.

Second of all, Laramie has a crappy emergency room. I had an eye event, and needed some specifics, and the guy made me wait 60 minutes before my initial exam, and then tell me they do not have an eye doctor at the hospital. I just finally told him to call my doc at home, which he did. Putz.

After the hospital, I learned there are no I had to walk an hour to the gig. Missing the first set.

But they made up for it. Laramie had a mosh pit. Gorgeous girls (I am the single man on the road), and 300 really really really drunk college kids. They head butt each other for fun. And like a lot of country music.

But this was the perfect place for Scott on this trip. I had always wanted to know what they would do, and they do perfectly. They pull out the stops, even knock into a little Sex Pistols.

Laramie might be my favorite Scott Holt set ever.

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