Sunday, November 05, 2006

Landing In Tuscon

Well this post is really about finding time to sleep, and seeing Scott kick some level of ass that few can come close to...and leaving headliners in the dust.

For me, I hate jumping into the tour midway through, but these guys spent some time in texas, and we all know that Texas is all about driving. One spot to the next spot...its a big state.

So the night before was my family reunion, so I was up all day driving to Chicago, and then it was to sit at the airport at Midway. So I was operating on zero sleep in like three nights by the time I landed in Tuscon.

The Southern Arizona Blues Society sent a ride for me, and it was actually a family. No fault to them, but after 60 hours of no sleep, the last thing I was looking for was colorful family dynamics. I was looking for bed.

The good folks from the Blues Society got me to the Hotel in downtown Tuscon, pretty sure I was sitting in the back of there jeep drooling like a retarded puppy. But the hotel perked me up. It was officially a 4 star joint, and the attention I got proved it.

Rooms were not ready until 3 pm, you know the deal cleaning them, making beds, hospital corners...etc. Well I got there about 10 am. So that is 5 hours to kill, no sleep, no nothing, no band. Well the nice folks there took my bags, and put them in the back, and found me a nice chair out of the way. In all honesty it was a great chair, and like all music folks I knew they did not have to do that. But the sales manager saw it in my eyes that I was going to fall out, and nothing he could say was going to stop me. So better to get me out of sight, than sleeping in the lobby or the bar while I waited for my room. So much love to the Hotel Arizona, and its great staff.

I dozed off, and what felt like a few minutes later my blackberry was ringing. Yeah I am a tech savvy guy, and on this trip it paid off. It was the guys, wanting directions to the hotel. Well on this I made my first and from what I can tell one of only a few mistakes on the tour. I sent them to the wrong joint. I was exhausted, and not thinking straight...thankfully the staff heard my mistake and we got Scott and the guys on the phone and guided them in. I was really embarrassed.

About the time they arrived, the room was ready. So it was in bed for me. I greeted the guys. It was great to see Tom and Richard and Scott and to meet Derek. But I had to lay down. Van call was about 3, so I had 2 hours to sleep.

Which I did.

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