Saturday, November 04, 2006

Starting Over...

So I am sitting at home in Wisconsin, the great north. Were coming into winter. The first thing I learned from the mighty Scott Holt band, is that nothing is for sure...only Starbucks. Nothing comes between the band and the show, but the only for sure thing is Starbucks...massive quantities of Starbucks. I mean fans give Starbucks gift cards to the band, I guess that makes it all worthwhile.

But I also got a hold of the truth that the internet, while truly not everywhere. It is not in the van. You would think that the van would have it, given the superior nature of the van...but the van is without wireless access points. So some of this blogging that came before is sort of haphazard, and not really any good. So I have had a few days to sit with the memories and the notes from the road, and it is my intention to tell those stories, and hope that they excite you.

And the other thing, were going to dump massive amounts of photos of the guys on this blog, and sometimes there will be a story, and sometimes not.

In these photos, your seeing some images of the band on there last trip north. To Wausau, my home. Sitting around Cafe Gelato catching up on email, and apparently cleaning up after themselves.

The young man in the photo is a cat who has started to take bass lessons after seeing Richard and what he can do with his bass.

We also see Richard turning his back on the whole technology thing. I do not think he had an ipod yet.

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