Tuesday, November 21, 2006

San Diego Nights Two and Day 3

So we got a second night in San Diego, which is good for all of us. More nights in stable hotel rooms, that is awesome. Derrick and I got to sleep in a little longer, because nothing stops the Starbucks train. It just delays it a bit.

During the day we all sort of rested, and caught up on life. We went downtown to look for the restaraunt you see there. Sort of a true California meets Hawaii explosion. Me, and the band ran to the mall that was near us at the hotel. We bought some stuff at WalMart, toiletries and what not.

I bought the band one of my favorite books, Ishmael.

It is just one of those lifechanging sort of books. Tom ended up reading it on the road. I was so proud of myself to have bought a book that Tom thought was cool.

Our day went the way most bands go, laundry, napping, grabass, arguing about LOST. And I do not care what Scott says, there making that show up as they go along. They have to be. There is no reason for a polar bear to play a significant role, or a hatch, or god knows what else is happening there. Screw that damn island. They said I needed to watch from the beginning...what is this??? HOMEWORK.

We got to the gig, and it was the same...only better. The band found a way to get Scott some room so he would stop ramming into the big pole.

We also got to meet Joannie from Blogcritics. She is a writer and a fotog, and a serious blues fan. Her boyfriend (whos name I forget) does an internet blues radio station. How cool is that?

That night we broke out a new song called OKAY, and you can find that one Scotts myspace page I think.

Then Scott broke out the long Hendrix medley. It was shocking in its power. What is even more shocking is that the show is the same for 5000 people as 150 people.

We bring it. This is a million dollar show.

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