Friday, March 09, 2007


So early in blog I talked about the greatness of the Apple Store, and the amazing sense of good will that comes from having a good ipod. Well that Ipod is now in the hands of Wendy from the band Sunspot, because I know she is giving it a good home. Drummer and all, prone to wear Volcom clothes. Who knows, but she has the ipod, and I got a new black one.

So Sacto we are staying in this joint right across the street from the State house. Which is oddly enough not occupied by the Guvernator. Rather I am sure he lives in Malibu, driving around in his hybrid Humvee. Or whatever he does.

The club is called the Stork I think. It is amazing. A big giant room, several hundred blues heads there to see our boys put on a show. Sitting in the back, an actual dressing room backstage type of thing, and we are feeling blessed. This is going to be an amazing show.

I was right. Scott is loose, and really connected tonight. The band is playing loud, probably too loud for the bar.

No wait...yes for sure too loud for the bartender.

But Scott is loose. really ontop of the groove, and giving it everything.

The only time I freaked out was when a giant, I mean like 6 ten biker dude walked up during the big Hendrix medly to get real close to Scott. I had no idea what I was going to do, throw myself in front of the bullet and get all secret service on him. WHo knows. But the good thing was he just wanted to tell Scott he was going great guns.

What a great night.

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