Saturday, March 24, 2007

Canada / Day 3

So with 3 shows under our belts, I can tell you that I have the best band in the world. Richard and Tom are supreme professionals. They go through tremendous amounts of crap everyday, and they always rise to the occasion. Yesterday, we drove to the gig from Quebec City, arriving @ 3:00. The load in is scheduled for 4:00 and we have no intention of being one minute late for anything. So we get there at 3:00, find parking for the van, walk across the street for lunch (at 3:30) and are back at the gig for load in. My band proceeds to blow the doors off the place and then play better tonight than last night! I'm so proud of these guys. They don't stop. They get it. It's not about the money, it's not about the adulation, it's about that intangible force that covers you when you are creating art for the sake of art and riding that sonic wave. When I stand in front of them, I fear nothing. It's actually pretty cool!

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Dino said...

I heard this is a good band. Though they do not call their friends in Wisconsin very much.