Sunday, March 18, 2007

Plumas Pines


So we all know that I am not one for heights, and honestly I am not much for mornings after great gigs where it is hard to get to sleep. But this is one for the books. Today we are up early and off to Plumas Pines Resort, its a short run, but god knows this is a memorable one.

Coffee is gotten, Tom settles in behind the wheel, loved ones are called, and the gig is advanced. Club owner is hugely receptive, so we are all psyched.

Ipod on, snoozes coming.

I wake up to find us in the middle of the woods. Some ancient high mountain road, Scott behind the wheel, Tom talking to his wife, Richard and Derek out like lites. But I glance out the window, as I am known to do, and I see were driving on the edge of a cliff, and a rock wall rises up above us the other way.

Close my eyes. Make it go away. When I open my eyes, the cliff is on the other side, and the rock wall is over there. Who needs this, faith in Scott, release it to the universe.

But it is amazing, I look down the cliff from the van, and I realize this is a giant fall. A huge one, because at the base of this cliff thing is giant trees, and they appear miles below us. What a cool sight.

After a couple of hours of rising and falling, and all of us laughing, were here.

Plumas Pines Resort. Now you need to imagine this, miles from everywhere. A resort in the big sense. Alone in nature. A giant lake, and cabins to rent, and a small restaraunt bar thing. So were thinking this is not going to be good. But the owner is awesome, the food is good, and I do not have to eat Mexican. We load in, sound check, and it is off to sleep.

But this place is to gorgeous, I gotta see some stuff. So I walk to the lake, which is the biggest lake I have ever seen. Walk around the woods a bit, and settle in at the room me and Derek have. Catch up on some paperwork, call Mom, and snoresville.

NO WAIT, we watched TEAM AMERICA. Scarred for life, I tried to block it.

They have a laundry, so some of us use that, but most of us doze off.

The gig, well the gig is awesome. What we did not know is all of the folks who live on the lake are thrilled to have a live band, and they all come, and they all love us. Scott and the guys whip out all the tricks, and even some new ones. The tricks are deep, and I never see them all it seems.

After the gig, Scott and I walk back to the room, and we watch Creem at Royal Albert Hall, and argue about Eric Clapton.

Early morning tomorrow, San Fran and the great record shop. Psyched to be going to that town.

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