Wednesday, May 16, 2007

When The Deal Is Done (or how to fight a fish)

Four lonely, haggard figures moved slowly across the desert floor. "Water...water", Chris moaned weakly. Richard took a long drag from his last cigarette and said, through a cloud of blue smoke, "Does anybody else have cell phone service out here?" Tom winced with pain as the strap from his Djembe dug deeper into his shoulder, "we've got to find some shelter, and get out of this heat,". "Yeah," said Scott, riding his Segway in circles around the group, "it's hot out here and I need to get down this idea I have for a new song. Plus, I'm really getting hungry." Scott whistled a jaunty tune and rolled out of sight over the next dune. Chris dropped to his knees, "I can't...go...on..." Richard reached down and placed a hand gently on the back of Chris' neck, and yanked the short hairs there as hard as he could, "You're on my bass case son."
Suddenly Scott came back over the horizon drinking a Starbucks, "I've got great news!" he shouted, "I found a cave that we can shelter in." Everyone cheered with relief. "There's only one problem, only three of us may enter."...


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