Tuesday, May 01, 2007

From Lettsworth To Legend

Get ready kiddies, here we go. The new record from the SHB drops June 26 (my birthday). It is called From Lettsworth To Legend - A Tribute To Buddy Guy. I am so proud of this record. It not only represents the music of my biggest guitar influence, Mr. Buddy Guy, but it also represents what I feel to be the best representation yet of the SHB as it sounds live. Like most of our records, we record them fast and live, no overdubs, and try to catch that elusive live edge that seems so hard to capture in the studio. I really think this time we got it.

Here's what you'll find:

  1. Intro

  2. First Time I Met The Blues

  3. Damn Right I've Got The Blues

  4. My Time After Awhile

  5. Nice And Clean

  6. I Dig Your Wig

  7. She Suits Me To A T

  8. Ten Years Ago

  9. Nobody Understands Me (But My Guitar)

  10. When My Left Eye Jumps

  11. My Mother

  12. Too Many Ways

  13. One Room Country Shack

  14. You've Been Gone Too Long

  15. Outro

The songs were chosen by the following criteria; Buddy Guy wrote it or Buddy Guy recorded it and as a result owned it musically. Some of these songs, such as Damn Right I've Got The Blues, are songs that I played with Buddy while I was in his band. Others, such as You've Been Gone Too Long, are the songs that I learned when I first discovered Buddy's music. One Room Country Shack was the first Buddy Guy song I ever heard.

None of the songs were approached with the intention of imitating Buddy. That's not possible when you're talking about someone as distinctive as BG. We took each song, stripped it down to the lyrics and meaning and then built them back up like the SHB would do them. Richard and Tom are both at the peak of their powers on this record and I think it's the best recorded work for any of the 3 of us individually or collectively.

I really want this record to be heard. I was very disappointed by the way our last record got treated. The distributing label folded almost immediately after it's release, making it almost non-existent except at our shows. It deserved better. This record deserves a better fate also, and I hope it gets one. We're working with a new label this time around, Audio Fidelity, and they seem very excited about the project. I just want all of our fans to get a chance to hear it. Let me know what you think.

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