Monday, June 26, 2017

Race, Religion, Trump, Making America....Naw I'm just playing':)

 Well today is my birthday. Another jaunt around the sun. I’m getting to the point where I should have it ALL worked out and just coast but you and I both know that ain’t quite how it works! “Mistakes? I’ve made a few…” that’s Sinatra (and Elvis and Sid Vicious, all of who’s versions of My Way will be played at my funeral: spoiler alert). Not to, in any way, minimize our life but I’m starting to look at it as a kind of “circling of the drain” type of existence. Not in a negative way but in a metaphorical way. You’re born and you start circling. It’s coming. But, what is the “drain”? I think it’s Love. I think it’s an awareness of Love. I think the closer we get (and I’m hoping I’m still far away!) I think we start to shed the stuff, realize what’s important, what (and who) has value in our lives and hopefully move towards an awareness of peace and love. 
 I'm grateful tonight for the wife, daughter and family that I have, the friends and co-workers that have fulfilled my life. A post like this is like a GRAMMY speech and if I start naming names, I’ll miss someone and they’ll be like; “What about me?!?!” (or they might not even read it cause maybe they’re more important to me than I am to them!;)) That happens too, by the way. You might be a life raft and they might just be a heavy, wet, drowning body…or vice-versus. The point is, this is my ride, you’ve got yours and they’re all EQUALLY important.

 My faith is Christianity and through that faith I’m taught that we are all made by our creator in His image. I use the masculine in this case but I read it to say WE are ALL made in HIS image which means all of us. So men, ladies, kids, black, white, red, yellow, cream, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, etc. that means YOU. The center of my “drain” is Love. As I get closer to it, I’m reminded to accept it more, express it more, embrace it more, spread it more and hopefully embody it more. Today, I’ve been shown a supreme expression of love directed toward me. Both from my family and my friends and I’m humbled. I’ve had so many birthday greetings and well wishes that I literally can’t count them all. That’s a wonderful problem to have! So as I wind down my night, I say “Thank You” and my birthday wish is for me (and for all of us) to learn more love, learn to express it more and be a flashlight that extinguishes that “darkness of hate” from our world. I pray that you experience the same amount of love (or more!) than I’ve been shown today and that we share another trip around the sun in peace and love and harmony. #love

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Mark Newsbaum said...

ROCK ON, my friend!!!!