Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Democracy v.2.0

 Here’s why I don’t post political stuff; I think that we as a Country and as a culture are waaay too ready to rumble when it comes to disagreeing views. I check Facebook all the time and a LOT of what I see is political arguments that basically go like this:

PERSON 1.: I THINK ___________


 There’s no debate, no counterpoint, no politeness, just 0-60. I’ve been amused by conducting my own socio-political experiment as I ride this marble, I don’t proclaim anything particularly political to one side or the other and I find myself, often times, “accused” of being one way or the other just because I don’t agree or I do agree. Some stuff I believe, some stuff I don’t believe, some stuff I understand and some stuff I don’t understand. Stuff I don’t understand, I ask people smarter than me. If they can’t explain it then I know it’s a bunch of B.S.:) Seriously, I think , humbly, we get mired in the “details” ( I use quotations to denote a perception of details, not the fact that details aren't important.)and allow ourselves to get misguided by the sparks and whistles. 
 I am not political. I have my personal core beliefs that are based on my faith in God, my love of family and my love for freedom and democracy. I think the US is the greatest country in the world and I’m proud to be an American. I DON’T think that God is only for America, that He cares how much money I have or that He wants me to hate non-Christians. I think that we’re all sharing the same air for a reason. I think we’re all too filled with self-importance to see straight. 
 Today my country is bickering like kids on a playground. I don’t care which side of the argument you fall on. I don’t care about the “why”. What it will cost, etc. I care about the fact that I have to explain to my 13 year old daughter why adults, commissioned to run our country, can’t behave like adults. If you’re inclined to engage a fellow citizen in a dialogue about democracy, remember that they are a citizen too, just like you, same hopes, dreams, fears. They have a momma who loves them and it would be awesome if you loved them too!

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