Friday, September 03, 2010

My Babe...

So, we go back some years. It doesn’t feel like a long time, but it’s a bit. I’m a junior in high school and not really feeling the whole education thing. Low and behold you get to pick your courses in the 10th grade and for one of mine, I choose art. I figure, it’s an easy grade and I like to draw so no problem! First day, I enter the class and a girl walks in with gorgeous brown hair and wearing greenish/yellow pants. Yes I’m superficial and yes it IS the 10th grade, but she was HOTTT!! Come to find out she was a year behind me and I was in love. PERIOD. IN LOVE. I can not stress enough what a life changer that day was for me. She had a boyfriend, she had plenty more waiting in line, but I knew that she was the one for me. I did everything I could to direct those brown eyes my way. I even resorted to arm wrestling her just to hold her hand! (yes I let her win, yes I am a nerd, yes she’s that hot!)
We dated for a while, (secretly at first, sorry ex-boyfriends,,,), and then I asked her to be my wife. Best move I’ve ever made, bar none! I’m better for knowing her, better for being with her, better for being part of her life. She makes me who I am, the better part of me, the me I’d like to be. If you’ve met my wife, you know she’s an angel. If you know her, you’re blessed. It’s been 19 years and it feels like a week. Thank you Buff for making my life complete!! Happy Anniversary Baby, I Love U!!!

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