Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Opinions are like...opinions

Many people think I’m opinionated. My best friends don’t say it out loud, they just think it. I don’t think I’m opinionated, but I do have opinions. Here are some;
1. Loud is good. In context, I don’t think anything is too loud. A hand grenade wouldn’t sound right if it were quieter; neither would an O’Brien amp…
2. Ron Howard is a great story teller. Something that we need more of in the world and something that will never go out of style. No everyone that makes movies or writes books is NOT a great storyteller.
3. All you need IS love. With love as your guide all of our societal problems would be solved.
4. I think the most unfortunate word in the English language is ‘but’. Conversely I really like the word ‘butt’, go figure!
5. Art is art and it comes in all varieties from Van Gough to Sesame Street.
6. Tiger Woods only owes apologies to his wife and his family, not me and you.
7. And finally a word of caution; I believe that we are living in ‘Roman Times’ excessive luxury and massive consumption of goods, services and resources. Remember what happened to the Romans…

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Saw you last night at Buddy Guy's. Though I disagree with your over simplification, try loving a Ahmadenijad or Hitler, but ( sorry )
you are one amazingly talented artist, and you will keep Chicago Blues alive.
Thank you
God Bless