Monday, March 02, 2009


So our dog Max got hit by a car today. I’m not sure if it was a car or a truck because the thoughtless, soulless person, and I say this because Max weighs 100+ pounds and is the size of a small pony so I’m sure there was significant damage to the vehicle (I hope that your car was totaled and you have no insurance!), didn’t even stop. No skid marks to show an attempt to try and dodge the LARGE YELLOW dog, no stopping and asking at the nearest house (there are 5 houses within 200 yards of ours) whose LARGE YELLOW dog it might be, nothing. Max laid in a neighbor’s yard until my father –in-law found him and called me. Max is at the vet with a broken pelvis, a hernia, and head trauma. In addition, he has either a bruised (we hope) or a severed spinal cord. Tonight he’s sedated and we’re hopeful that the next 48 hours will bring a miracle. We’ve had Max for less than a year but he’s an important part of our family. Every morning I wake up and my daughter’s on the couch watching TV with Max at her feet. When I come home, Max is in my daughter’s room lying on her window seat watching the driveway. In the last year we’ve lost Jake, our dog of 15 years, and Teak, Buffy’s horse of 20 something years. My wife and my daughter who’s nine are committed animal lovers. It’s hard to comfort my wife, who’s trying to deal with Max’s pain and potential loss, it’s hard to try and comfort while I feel responsible for Max’s pain, and I’m the one who let him out today to go to the bathroom. It’s hard to explain all of this to a nine year old who’s had to deal with more loss than a grown person should (no it’s not just the two pets). It’s hard, I’m sure, for non-pet lovers to understand. We’re not raising monkeys as children; we just love our dog and pray that he’s going to be ok. Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts, they are more important than you’ll ever know.

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