Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Mind goes boom, boom, boom

The new Amy Winehouse record is great. I’m a Tennessee Titans fan, but Pacman Jones should be fired. If you pay me millions and millions of dollars and say all you have to do is stay out of strip clubs, I’d say…okay. Contracts are always scary. 90 Minutes in Heaven is a fantastically powerful book. Global Warming exists. The world is not a static place. Youth has energy, age has wisdom, we should work to combine to two and use that energy to guide our path. Paris Hilton is famous for nothing…and
Yet…we…can’t…look…away! Why are men in our culture always portrayed as idiots? Every sit-com has a husband who’s basically a moron…and that’s the joke! Every commercial is some guy who can’t function on his own being guided by his wife who looks after him like he’s a simple child. I think everything should be open 24 hours a day. If it’s good enough for Wal-Mart and Waffle House, it’s good enough for Starbucks and Barnes & Noble! Do you think our cell phones are already being used by the government to track our movements?
Right now, from where I’m writing this, here’s what I can see; B.B. King, My grandfather and my cousins, my daughter, a monkey holding a skull, most of my CDs, 5 different statues of Elvis, some of my books, a bible, my daughter and her horse, guitars, more guitars, and still more guitars, a Merle Haggard album cover that my uncle Carlton gave me, me and James Burton, more magazines than a doctor’s office, 2 phones, a Jimi Hendrix statue, a cobra skin guitar strap, candles, art from my friend Bobby, some of my DVDs, Scott Holt stickers, Aquafina bottles, 2 porcelain figurines from my grandparents house, a monkey pulling a cart, my dad, water from the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee, more phone numbers written down than I know who they go to!

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